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To understand more about Healthy Eyes, Kindly read on.. 

Before starting treatment at Healthy Eyes

Before Starting Treatment at Healthy Eyes

Before treatment is started at Healthy Eyes, a patient undergoes a detailed evaluation by Certified Doctors. (Doctors of Healthy Eyes are qualified B.A.M.S Doctors, who have completed training and certification at Matha Ayurveda Eye Hospital (Kudappanakunnu) Private Limited

After the detailed evaluation, the doctor will come to a decision if the present condition of the patent can be treated at Healthy eyes.

If the condition is much more serious than that can be handled at Healthy Eyes, the patient will be referred to Matha Ayurveda Eye Hospital (Kudappankunnu) for further treatments.

Alternatively, Patients visiting Matha Ayurveda Eye Hospital, who do not require serious hospitalized treatments are referred to Healthy Eyes. 

During treatment at Healthy Eyes

During Treatment at Healthy Eyes

Treatments at Healthy eyes are fixed by a certified doctor after after a series of detailed examination.

The treatments are customized according to the condition of the patient. Treatment duration vary from 1 hour to 2 hours per day.

The length of one course of treatment may vary from 7 to 10 days.

The treatments and medicines selected for a particular patient will depend only on that patient's condition and may change during the course of the treatment also.

The treatments are scheduled in such a way that treatments can be done before or after office hours (i.e., patients can come for treatments at Healthy eyes on the way to office / school or while returning back). 

After Treatment at Healthy Eyes

After Treatment at Healthy Eyes

After a course of treatment at Healthy Eyes, the patients undergo a final evaluation to assess the status of vision and eyes before and after treatment.

Depending on the Progress and action of medicines / treatments on a particular patient, internal medicines to be continued at home are prescribed for patients. Also, Diet restrictions (if any) and precautions are also explained.

The patient is given a date for follow-up checkup. The course of treatment may need to be repeated at regular intervals as per the advise of the doctor.