Eyesight Enriched MagSafe Phone Case: Elevate & Protect


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The fusion of functionality and artistry shines brightly in the ‘Eyesight Enriched MagSafe Phone Case’. Engineered to perfection, this case seamlessly marries the promise of unparalleled protection with the allure of the iconic ‘Get Healthy Eyes’ emblem.

  • Double Defended: Constructed with a dual-layer polycarbonate layer, safeguarding your device against daily wear and tear.
  • Pick Your Poise: Choose between the reflective gleam of the glossy finish or the sophisticated allure of matte. Both promise to elevate your phone’s aesthetic.
  • Artistry All Around: Adorned with a full-wrap print on its exterior surfaces, making a striking statement from every angle.
  • MagSafe Mastered: Comes with an embedded magnet to enhance its compatibility with Apple MagSafe accessories. (Note: Compatibility with non-Apple brand chargers is not guaranteed).
  • Impact Immunity: With its durable, flexible, and impact-resistant nature, trust this case to be the guardian of your device.
  • Inner Sanctum: A black, cushioned inner TPU layer ensures extra comfort and security. (Please note that slight variations in color/texture may occur).

Upgrade your device with the ‘Eyesight Enriched MagSafe Phone Case’ and let it be a testament to your commitment to eye health and style.



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